My mother-in-law won’t stop snooping round my house – so I set up a trap’

A woman decided to take matters into her own hands and set a trap to catch her nosy mother-in-law from sneaking into her bedroom and snooping through her things

Anyone who has ever dealt with difficult in-laws will know just how tricky it can be when your significant other’s family insist on getting too involved in your business.

One woman is sadly all too familiar with this, having caught her mother-in-law snooping through her bedroom and office on a number of different occasions – before completely denying it.

“On one occasion I followed her as she went upstairs as I was going to get something for my child as the bedrooms are upstairs. and she walked past the bathroom on the main floor and up the stairs behind it. She didn’t hear me and I caught her walking straight into my room and rifling through bills on my dresser,” the woman recalled on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“She denied snooping (even though I’d just watched her do it) and said she was just going to use our bathroom because she couldn’t find the other ones. She walked right past the one on the main floor and another one in the upstairs hallway to go into our bedroom.”

Her mother-in-law claimed she was simply trying to find the bathroom and so, after a lot of arguing, the woman and her husband decided to put locks on the doors so that, whatever the reason for trying the rooms, she wouldn’t be able to get in.

This Christmas however, the woman’s husband decided they didn’t need to lock the rooms, as his mum had learned not to go in them – but she didn’t agree, and decided to set a trap to catch her mum-in-law red handed.

“My husband told me we didn’t need to lock the doors since she wouldn’t try to get into the rooms and I insisted that she would because she loves to snoop. We went back and forth and decided to cover the doorknobs in super fine glitter to see if she tried them,” she continued.

“I covered the doorknobs in glitter and for the office went a touch further and rigged a little folder of glitter over the door to the office before the in laws came over. I left it one side unlocked, so if you walked in the room you would get covered in glitter.

“My husband went out of his way to show his mum the main floor bathroom when they got here and specifically asks his parents and sister not to go upstairs. There’s a baby gate so the kids can’t get upstairs either.”

When the day came, the woman’s mother-in-law emerged absolutely covered in glitter, all over her hands and hair, before completely “losing it” at her.

“She started screaming at me so I yelled back and now my husband is saying I went too far and I’m the a**hole. Apparently her car is ruined now too because it’s covered in glitter that she cant get cleaned up,” she concluded, before turning to Reddit to question whether she was in the wrong to catch her mother-in-law out.

“Your mother-in-law is an issue but the fact that your husband refuses to set and enforce boundaries with her is actually the larger issue here,” one Reddit user commented, while another added: “A brilliant plan! Hard (glittery) evidence that she still tries to get into your bedroom. I’d be tempted to put signs on doors saying ‘this is not a bathroom’.”