Striking two-bed house goes on sale for £186,000 but hasn’t had any offers

An all-black house has gone up for sale for £186,000 and despite the low price people have been unable to see past the dark exterior so it’s still on the market

A striking two-bed house has gone up for sale for £186,000 but so far hasn’t had any offers – which might be due to the colour the current owner decided to paint the outside.

Described as ‘gothic’, the octagon-shaped house definitely stands out thanks to its unique colour scheme – which is entirely black.

Owner Seth Goodman decided he liked the dark colours and redecorated the outside of his home after buying it last year.

But now he’s finding it hard to sell, even though it’s a steal at just £186,000 ($250,000) and comes with two bedrooms, plus two baths.

Speaking to the Lincoln Courier, Seth said: “I was interested and thought at first I was just going to flip the house, but after my home sold, I needed a place to live.

“I wanted to make it more modern and after seeing the black roof, I thought why not go with black siding. From there we used black gutters, painted the deck black and changed the landscaping rocks to black.”

Seth said that he initially planned to just give the house a black shingle roof, but he liked the dark shades so much that he decided to paint the whole exterior.

After that, he even painted the garage black to make sure it fits in with the colour scheme.

Pictures have been shared online in an effort to attract buyers, but so far it’s only received negative comments.

One said: “Designed by Voldemort.”

While another said: “Fascinating to see the dichotomy between black walls and live laugh love style signs.”

Located in Lincoln, just north of Springfield in the US, the oddly-shaped home doesn’t have a single square room.

A listing online describes the house on 110 Edgar St as a “mysterious black octagon” and a “midwestern showstopper.”

It has two bedrooms, an open plan living room, and the second floor has an attic room complete with a cathedral ceiling, three skylights, and a tiled bathroom.

Spanning over 1,500 square feet, the house also has three outdoor decking areas and a triple garage.